Are you off sick from your job due to changes made to your terms and conditions and the duties you are now expected to undertake?


Is your level of sickness absence from work now at a critical point where you could face disciplinary action and loss of pay?

Are you having issues at work with colleagues and/or your manager which is making it difficult to undertake your job properly?


Do you recognise any of these situations in your life?

Experiencing stress at work can be both an emotional and physical response to what is required of a job role and its duties which may not sit well with the resources available to the worker as well as their abilities and needs. It can adversely affect a person’s wellbeing leading to anxiety and depression; irritability; mood swings; low sex drive; and difficulties with concentration and remembering things.

I can help with your feelings of employment stress in my role as a Counsellor.

The counselling process can enable you to talk through the issues and circumstances you find yourself in whilst at work and help you see things more clearly and separate the wood from the trees. This is done in a secure environment and in a confidential manner. The process could involve a small number of counselling sessions or a longer period depending on your situation.

Please contact me for further information and assistance.

Jon Costello 

07511 242198


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